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Santa Bookings

Santa Appointments

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Santa Bookings

Santa Bookings | Santa Claus and Company | Denver, CO | 3034319002

When you choose Santa Claus and Company for a visit to your home or office party, a professional Santa will arrive in character in a very authentic costume! After greeting the children with a special, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”...

Santa Appointments

Santa Appointments | Santa Claus and Company | Denver, CO | 3034319002

Santa Claus and Company believes that the greatest gift anyone can ever receive is the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. As such, we respectfully undertake our professional “Claus-ing” efforts in...

Santa Photos

Santa Photos | Santa Claus and Company | Denver, CO | 3034319002

At Santa Claus and Company, we offer Santa photos during any Santa bookings and paid visits. From your entry into the venue until departure, you are welcome to capture special moments through Santa photos...

Santa Claus and Company is the best around, so book this year’s Santa appointment right Now! The most requested times fill up fast.

Welcome to Santa Claus and Company

When you need a little bit of holiday joy to brighten up the Christmas season, start with Santa Claus and Company, where you get “The Most ‘Red & White’ for Your Green!” Based out of Denver, CO, we are proud to take our loyal clients on a Santa Odyssey by introducing a Santa visit that takes your children on a magical journey into Santa’s world. Our visits create special memories in children’s minds that last a lifetime.

Each of our Santa visits begin with that special Santa look—you will instantly be reminded of the images and pictures you have seen of Santa Claus in movies and books. Santa always dresses in his special suits! He has everything from workshop clothing to the Christmas Eve suit he uses to deliver toys. Each suit is designed to ensure you and your children that you are meeting with the real Santa Claus!

Let me also say that we also respect everyone’s right to celebrate this season and we offer an outstanding secular Santa as well.

Billions of Smiles!

Santa visits are perfect for department stores, shopping malls, religious groups, schools, children’s clubs, Christmas pageants, and so much more! If you are ready to celebrate the holiday season with our exciting Santa appointments/visits/photo opportunities, please give us a call today! We have delivered puppies, kittens, a snake, ferrets, on Christmas Eve. We delivered an engagement rings to a couple in downtown Denver on Christmas Eve.